Chumlee: From Pawn Shop Sidekick to Reality Star Success – His Net Worth

Austin Lee Russell, better known as “Chumlee,” has become a household name thanks to his role on the hit reality show “Pawn Stars.” His quirky personality, often the butt of good-natured jokes, has made him a fan favorite.

But his on-screen persona doesn’t reveal the whole picture. Chumlee is a shrewd businessman who has amassed a sizable fortune. How much is Chumlee really worth? Let’s explore.

“Pawn Stars” and the Rise of Chumlee

Chumlee’s journey began at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, where he worked for several years before “Pawn Stars” debuted in 2009. The show quickly became a sensation, propelling him and his co-stars – shop owner Rick Harrison, his son Corey, and family patriarch Richard “Old Man” Harrison – to international fame.

Chumlee’s role on the show is often comedic. He tests odd items, negotiates prices with a healthy dose of skepticism, and has a knack for misunderstanding the value or function of unique products brought into the shop. However, behind the on-screen goofiness lies a savvy entrepreneur.

Chumlee’s Business Ventures

Chumlee has successfully capitalized on his reality TV fame. He has become a pop culture icon, with fans eagerly snatching up merchandise bearing his likeness. His business ventures include:

  • Chumlee’s Candy on the Blvd: This candy store, located on the Las Vegas Strip, offers a vast selection of sweets and novelty items, capitalizing on his popularity with tourists.
  • Clothing and Merchandise: Chumlee has established a lucrative T-shirt, hat, and novelty merchandise line.
  • Public Appearances: Chumlee reportedly earns substantial fees for appearances at events, clubs, and conventions.

These business endeavors, in addition to his lucrative contract with “Pawn Stars,” have significantly contributed to his wealth.

How Much is Chumlee Net Worth?

Chumlee’s net worth is estimated to be a cool $5 million. While this figure is impressive, it’s worth noting that his co-stars have even larger fortunes, particularly Rick Harrison. Key income sources contributing to Chumlee’s net worth include:

  • Pawn Stars Salary: It’s reported that Chumlee earns around $25,000 per episode, a testament to his popularity on the show.
  • Business Ventures: His candy store, merchandise sales, and appearance fees generate significant additional income.
  • Investments: Chumlee likely has investments that provide passive income streams, further diversifying his earnings.

Chumlee’s Legal Troubles

In 2016, Chumlee experienced a setback when his home was raided during a sexual assault investigation. He was arrested on weapons and drug-related charges. While facing serious consequences, Chumlee eventually reached a plea deal with reduced charges, avoiding prison time. This incident may have temporarily affected his public image and earning potential.


Chumlee’s story is one of unexpected success. He has risen from his humble beginnings as a pawn shop employee to become a multi-millionaire reality TV star and businessman. Despite some personal challenges, Chumlee has built a substantial net worth by leveraging his “Pawn Stars” fame and demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you adore him as the lovable goofball or find his onscreen antics a little tiresome, there’s no denying Chumlee’s financial success is the real deal.

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